Rockstar Results In 90 Days



You know you’ve got what it takes to live your dream life.

You just need someone to lift you out of the noise within your own mind and hold you to your own path.

But right now you’re:

  • waking up at 3 am with a knotted-up stomach of anxiety and doubt.
  • thinking that only ‘other’ people get to live their dream and maybe it’s just not gonna happen for you.
  • overwhelmed with all the ideas in your brain.
  • equally overwhelmed with the bazillions of excuses that come up when you tip your toe in the water to commit.
  • tired of spinning your wheels in a thousand directions.

It’s time to stop:

  • staring at everyone else’s success stories and wondering where yours is.
  • getting distracted with your ‘thousand brilliant ideas’ and stick to one empire first.
  • using ‘research’ as an excuse.
  • buying yet another course that promises you the world only to find, you still haven’t done the work.

You Are Ready.

You’re meant to be successful.
You have a message that is bigger than you to get out there.

You can keep going the way you’re going.
A day goes by.
Then a week.
Before you know it a month and then a year slips by.

Dude. That’s what happens.

If you don’t design your life, then you’ll drift along until eventually, you’ll wonder what the F**K happened?!

Or, you can do what I did (and a lot of other smart biz chicks) and hire the right coach who doesn’t fall for your bullshit and kicks you in the ass all while holding you accountable so you finally do become one of those success stories that you read about on Facebook.


A life full of meaning and joy.

Here’s the interesting part…
Rockstar results come from within.

You’ve got to believe that you deserve rockstar success.
This is where we work on your mindset, your beliefs around money.

Then, you’ve got to have a path of action, of productivity, of insanely-laser-focused bold moves that connect YOU with YOUR TRIBE.

That’s where we work on your strategy. 

What happens then?


That’s the sound of you having the success you’ve dreamt about.


  • You’ve got 1001 ideas floating around.
  • You’ve purchased domains but they’re sitting there.
  • You’ve got a website but nothing is really happening with it.
  • You’ve researched coaches and want someone who understands the rebellious you.
  • You’re creative (to the point of distraction) and you’re willing to do the work.

You’re ready to take off.

You just want someone to help you fly the damn jet.


While it’s true, I’m a bonafide ‘rockstar’ in the traditional sense (Vixen, Bubble, Contraband, The Dogs D’Amour, The Down n Outz), I’ve also published a knitting book with a hefty advance after only knitting for two years, won awards as a travel agent and went from $0k to $10k in one month with my own Video Coaching biz.

I know what it takes to move past old stories, show up with confidence and have that ‘inner rockstar’ shine. It’s what brings in unexpected opportunities, the right clients and best of all, you know EXACTLY what inspired action to take next.


  • Mega mindset shifts to get you connecting with your own success.
  • Copywriting mojo. We’ll go over your copy. Page by page.
  • Custom strategies to connect with your tribe.
  • Worksheets to help you plan and stay on track.
  • Tools and tricks to save you tons of time.

It’s you + me as a team taking you to the top.


  • We’ll meet every week for an hour via phone or Skype. It will be recorded for you as well. (A total of 12 sessions.)
  • Unlimited email. I will answer within 48 hours, usually sooner.
  • We’ll also schedule private webinar sessions to go over rockin’ relevant tools with screen sharing.


Click the button to get started and we’ll schedule a consultation.
Investment: $7500 or 3 payments of $2600/month.



“Want to get off your ass and make shit happen? Share’s your girl.

No excuses. No stone unturned. She’ll get you where you need to be. But you better buckle up.”
~ Rebecca T Dickson –



“For the last year, I’ve had a specific problem that’s been affecting my business life, personal life and relationship with my boyfriend. So I hired Share to help me with it.

Share is AMAZING. I instantly connected with her. And since she understood me and my situation, she was able to help me. I literally walked in with what I considered to be a major problem and Share helped me solve it so I walked out with NO problem. Hiring Share was what I needed and she is now my go-to Lifestyle Coach.”
~ Dennisse Lisseth –

“There’s coaches and then there’s COACHES!
Share delivers on every level. Caring, intuitive, and surprising me with her insights.

I hired Share to help me with a business situation and not only did that get unstuck but suddenly I knew I had found my right coach.

She is incredibly supportive of me and my goals and understands how to get me to see situations in a different light.

Thank you Share. For continuing to rock my life.”
~ Erin Giles –

“I loved my coaching experience with Share! To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as soon as I got on the phone with her I felt at ease. She’s an amazing and compassionate listener, but she also got quickly to the point, asking great questions and bringing considerable insight to areas where I have been stuck.

One of the best things was the notes that she sent me afterwards where she summarized the main topics we discussed and her recommended action steps.

Share truly is a rockstar in the best sense of the word, and who doesn’t want a rockstar on their team?! Thank you so much Share!”
~ Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick –

“A natural born coach. She guides me and supports me every step of the way.

You’ve got me living my dream life and going for all of my goals like never before.

Thank you!”
~ Kaylene Tibbetts –