In 60 Minutes

Looking for results in a heartbeat?

Do you need to sort through:

  • The fastest path to cash available to you right now?
  • How to fill your client book?
  • How to clarify your message?

60 Minutes. You and me.

We’ll dive deep, hard and fast.

We’ll go through your mindset, client connections, visibility and website.

We’ll turbo charge your ideas and set you on the path of action that gets results.

You’re destined for greatness.

Let’s do this.

Pick My Brain

You can’t make money and run a successful biz if you don’t have the right mindset in place.

Stepping into the Rock$tar Zone is ESSENTIAL.

Plus we’ll go over marketing, strategy and more.

Right for you if:

  • You are ready to dive into action but you’re not sure which action to take.
  • You’re new to online business and want to jumpstart the learning curve.
  • You’ve already got a website and you want to add rocket fuel to your success and bottom line.
  • You’re ready to show up bigger and bolder than ever before.
  • You’re open to ideas and suggestions and willing to take unstoppable action.


While it’s true, I’m a bonafide ‘rockstar’ in the traditional sense (Vixen, Bubble, Contraband, The Dogs D’Amour, The Down n Outz), I’ve also published a knitting book with a hefty advance after only knitting for two years, won awards as a travel agent and went from $0k to $10k in one month with my own Video Coaching biz.

I know what it takes to move past old stories, show up with confidence and have that ‘inner rockstar’ shine. It’s what brings in unexpected opportunities, the right clients and best of all, you know EXACTLY what inspired action to take next.

You gave me FIRE!  YOU gave me fired up clarify and hot action.  I felt emboldened enought to give you a reading and start writing out the content for my new opt-in.  Which then led to me dusting off my personal website, setting up my email list and designing a new PDF.

In essence, you 'JAILBROKE' me out of my limiting fears..

~ Aliza Stein McDill ::

Before I started working with Share, I had spent two years writing, but not finishing anything, and heavily doubting myself.  I also wasn't sure where I wanted to go in life.  Then I started working with Share, who not only supported me, but was my coach and ally in finishing my novel (and a few drafts of other novels, as well)!

I highly recommend her to anybody who feels stuck or needs a little help or confidence in pursuing their dreams.

~ Megan Lang :: Novelist

Share is AMAZING. I instantly connected with her. And since she understood me and my situation, she was able to help me. I literally walked in with what I considered to be a major problem and Share helped me solve it so I walked out with NO problem. Hiring Share was what I needed and she is now my go-to Lifestyle Coach."

~ Dennisse Lisseth -

noelle_gogginI had confidence, trust and belief but had somehow lost my sparkle.  I was struggling to be visible online and losing my voice.

Share has a wonderful, soulful approach to help you tap into and find that part of you, the part that allows you to step onto your own stage in life.  A wonderful blend of practical things to do and meaningful written exercises all focused on lifting and shifting your vibration to be your best.

~ Noelle Goggin,

"Want to get off your ass and make shit happen? Share's your girl.

No excuses. No stone unturned. She'll get you where you need to be. But you better buckle up."

~ Rebecca T Dickson -

"Share gave me the tools to turn that great big light bulb into full-on proper action. It was BRILLIANT.I can't say fairer than that. The way that Share coaches is so much fun, you almost don't realise that you are learning something HUGE."

~ Claire Stone,


Investment in yourself: $750 $375! (HALF PRICE Until 7/14/16)

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