Like Networking, Only Better

Have you ever been at a networking event and there’s that person who gets up on stage and has a few minutes to pitch to hundreds or thousands of people?

Yeah, video is like that only better.

The three ways to rock your videos even more.

1. Look at the camera! I know that sounds really obvious but seriously. It comes up ALL the time in Video Rockstar University. If you’re filming on a camera or other device, it can be trickier than it sounds. So practice this.

2. Talk to one person. It’s easy to forget that you want to connect and have a conversation. It feels weird talking to a camera! But this tip will make it feel like you’re talking just to me. Test it out! Play back your video and see if it works as a phone call. It ought to work as if you were talking to just one person across the table.

3. Imagine you’re talking with someone who you really really really love. This opens up your energy and makes us fall in love with you.

You can engage and connect with your clients sooo easily with video. Whether you’re using video for landing pages, Facebook ads, blog posts, training or something else… you will grow your tribe by implementing these tips right now!

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