Work With Me-OLD

Do You Wanna Rock Or What?

You’re looking for results and you landed on this page for a reason. Darling, I will give you results.

A. Your life/biz/creative flow – wanna go from stuck to unstoppable? This one’s for you. (Look at Option 1 below.)
B. Your video delivery, online message and tidy up that branding and marketing so you go BOOM online.  (Options 2 or 3)

Pick the one that feels right out of these THREE options listed below or hit me with a message on the contact page. 

Let’s do this thing.

1. Your Rockstar Mentor
You love:

  • taking definite action that gets results in your biz + life.
  • dreaming/breathing/feeling your ultimate bad-ass-est.
  • putting yourself OUT there in a gloriously real and authentic fashion.
  • manifesting + believing + action plans.
  • stretching yourself into your groove.

I love:

  • connecting with creative people who love inspiring others with their message.
  • helping you put the pieces in place so you fly higher than ever before.

The way that Share coaches is so much fun, you almost don’t realize that you are learning something HUGE! Best ever.
– Claire Stone,

Click to rock your life.

2. Video Rockstar University

I created this program because I’m passionate about you sharing your message on video… with the world.

If you want feedback and guidance to get your videos up to the level you’ve dreamed about, this course is for you. No matter what, you’ll dig the free training you get as soon as you sign up for the list.

I learned so much from Share about making videos. I am much more confident on camera now. You are a national treasure for us women who want to get in front of the camera. Thank you so much!
– Sherold Barr,

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3. Your Video Coach

You’re ready to dive in headfirst and you’ll benefit from the attention you’ll get privately.

  • Maybe you need help with an uber important video like a Welcome video or a Launch video.
  • Maybe you wanna go shopping for a new camera, lighting set up and more.
  • Maybe you have a bazillion questions and want the kind of answers you know you’ll get one on one.

It saved me so much stress and gave me a ton of confidence on camera. It brought me lightyears ahead of where I could have ever gone on my own and for that I am so grateful!
– Jenny Shih,

Let’s work together.