You and your dirty mind! I know you thought this was gonna be some sexed out porno post! Ha.

No, this all pertains to video and how you can rock your business by getting your glorious self on camera. Yeah, baby.

Megan from wrote in and asked, “”Some of the things I struggle with are how professional does it need to be? Is it better to be anal or natural?”

There are definitely times you want to hire a professional. Like if you’re putting together a sizzle reel for your book or your speaking or acting biz. Or maybe you want a nice intro to your website.

But if you’re looking to do regular video blog posts for your site, then you can do it all yourself. What I call “Lo-Fi” videos! Get creative. Get real. Make it engaging!


Let me know what this means to you! Will you do more videos now? Leave a message in the comments.

I rock it Lo-Fi on video. via @shareross

I do it on video cuz I rock. via @shareross